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The art of engaging an audience through storytelling is an age-old human activity, much valued even in today's fast-paced world. It is easy to be cynical about marketers because the end game is to sell a product or service to a consumer, but trade is something we humans have done or centuries. For us at Short Sharp & Shiny, the reason we’re in business is that we love the connection to people that our work offers.


We love to work with people who love what they do - the makers, the farmers, the artists, the foodies, the scientists, the accountants, the shopkeepers, the NFP organisations, and the entrepreneurs. They light our fires and give our own work meaning. We believe that the motivation for these people is to make a difference and a living by providing a valuable product or service. We’re also pretty sure that, like us, the rest of the population are keen to move away from excess consumption to a more sustainable and simpler system that connects buyers and sellers through a fair and meaningful exchange. If we can help facilitate that, we reckon our work is worth doing.


There are few marketing and communication tools that speak quality and integrity than the look and feel of a print publication.


Publishing is one of our major strengths. We offer extensive experience in print media and publishing. We can produce high-quality magazines, capability profiles, annual reports, books, brochures, guides and manuals. All of our publications can be produced in digital form and distributed electronically, but we have to fess up that we love print!


Our unique ability to capture the essence of a story and convey it through of well-crafted words, highly considered design and powerful, carefully chosen images provides our clients with a compelling and fit-for-purpose storytelling tool they can use to connect deeply with their audiences.

Social Media

We’ve become a little bit addicted to social media. Its power to engage is phenomenal and its ability to provide real-time data is extremely useful in our line of work. It is cost-effective and enables our clients to reach highly defined targeted audiences on many levels.


But we’re not into social for the sake of it. Social media is time-consuming and resource-heavy to do properly. Though it represents great value, there's still a cost to business through the associated research, content creation, writing, responding and engaging with audiences. Social media needs to be part of a well-developed marketing and communication strategy, so we work with clients to define audiences and develop a full strategy first.


We create high-quality, shareable content tailored to our clients individual target audiences. Our content builds brands and serves a purpose. We also source and share quality and relevant content from other sources, so our clients pages become valuable and meaningful reference points for their audiences.


We feel we can reach further in our social media work because of our background in publishing. We treat social pages with the same level of editorial consideration as we would a printed publication.


Whether it’s managing a corporate page on Facebook or LinkedIn, developing LinkedIn pages for individuals, tweeting or creating a connection through Instagram - if social media fits a clients needs, we’ll leverage it.

Writing & Editing

Short Sharp & Shiny offer extensive capability in writing across a range of genres. Because it comes naturally to us and is woven into every aspect of what we do, we sometimes forget that it’s a unique offering worthy of focus.


While we have a natural and preferred style for our own brand, we are great at working with clients to capture their own. We help establish a style that reflects a client's brand and reduces noise in the communication process. We can also help clients to integrate that style consistently throughout their organisation.

We love writing. Were pretty versatile and can handle almost any word-smithing task. Advertising is (one of) our thing(s) so we’re great at writing copy that influences and engages an audience. We write scripts for television, radio and video. We have strong and qualified in-house expertise in business, finance, government, environmental and science communication, and we've got tonnes of experience working both the private and public sector. We’re confident and experience (and quick) at punching out a powerful media release, and our social media content is meticulously researched and written but easily digestible. We’ve even got significant in-house experience in writing comedy! 


But we dont keep all the work to ourselves. We understand that every writing project is different and writers vary in their strengths and style preferences, so weve established a great and diverse team of external contract writers and editors. This way, our clients get the right person or team for each job. 

Corporate Video

There is nothing like video to tell stories and create a lasting impression. Where once the cost of video put it out of reach for most businesses, technological advances in both hardware and software have made it extremely affordable and highly accessible.


Video is an incredibly powerful storytelling tool for those in the business of effective communication. Video's ability to ignite a greater range of the human senses means that it can create a more genuine emotional connection with audiences and help them better retain important information. Video has both reach and stickiness.

Short Sharp & Shiny have film school trained in-house capability. We also work with a wide network of top quality freelance creatives and cinematographers throughout Australia.


We have delivered some beautiful work in this space and will jump at the chance to work with clients with an interest in video.


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Studio on the Go

Interested in developing low cost, original digital content on the go? So are we.


Short Sharp & Shiny is developing a mobile media studio to produce content on the go. We can provide media tips, scripting and content advice to help clients produce good-quality, professional content in the office, in the field or even at conferences and events.


For those more complex, bigger budget projects that require superior production values or aerial drone footage, we work with contract media teams.



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