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Pro Bono Projects

Sustainable Australia Party – Act

A small Pro Bono project for Sustainable Australia Party ACT to provide strategic messaging and branding strategy advice to party and local ACT candidate leading up to 2016 ACT election.


Ali and Ian are both very interested in Australian politics. They’ve both worked with and for Government their past lives. They’re also very interested in nature conservation, environmental and sustainability matters. This interested doesn’t usually translate into political activity and often their views differ on which policies and parties are best placed to bring about improved circumstances for our country but a new Australian political party has sparked an interest for Ali at least.

 Sustainable Australia Party are doing good work. They have balanced, sensible policies that have the potential to help bring about a sustainable future for our country. With the increasing effects of climate change on our environment, population growth, global economic uncertainty as well as a somewhat unsatisfactory 2 party political system in Australia, in the interest of choice and representation, Ali provided some much need guidance to an emerging but very committed and passionate political party.


Sustainable Australia Party has already done so much great work on developing policies and campaigning. Ali has been able to provide some assistance to the party through ACT candidates on messaging and improved communication of policy. She helped clarify and better define important issues, better state policy positions and differentiate from other parties. Sustainable Australia Party has a lot to offer Australia and Short Sharp and Shiny has been proud to help position the party well in their challenge in the 2016 ACT election.