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Business Consulting

Short Sharp & Shiny offers businesses and government organisations the flexibility to bring in the expert talent required to achieve specific real outcomes on an as-needed basis. Once the project scope is clear, we tailor a fit-for-purpose consulting team drawing on our own in-house expertise and our network of highly qualified and experienced consultants.


Short Sharp & Shiny are qualified business management consultants. We work with clients at all organisational levels and in all areas of business to facilitate improved business outcomes, improved internal communication, knowledge sharing, cultural change and the delivery of strategic objectives.

We provide 360-degree insight, new ways to look at old problems, planning workshops, professional development, facilitation, and, if necessary, a thorough assessment of the whole business or priority areas. We can help firms adjust to changing market conditions and deliver an achievable, sustainable business plan that helps the organisation fulfill obligations to its stakeholders.


 All Short Sharp & Shiny business management consultants are tertiary qualified. Most have post-graduate qualifications or are in the process of obtaining them. Our consultants have a high level of experience in senior management and/or board and CEO level leadership experience in both the corporate and public sectors. Our consultants are vetted and reference checked for client confidence, and their work is guaranteed.

We provide business and management consulting in ...

  • Sustainable business management
  • Marketing strategy
  • Corporate social responsibility & philanthropy
  • Competitor and financial analysis
  • Human resources and workforce design
  • Strategic planning and facilitation
  • Organisational culture and change management
  • New markets analysis
  • Government grants, funding and sponsorship
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Policy manuals and standard office procedures (SOP)
  • WH&S and risk analysis workshops
  • Intellectual property and commercialisation
  • Industry and regional development


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