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Why do marketers make such a fuss about branding? Is it really warranted? Yes! Branding is incredibly important. A brand defines who we are to consumers of our products or services. Brand equity is an intangible but highly valuable asset.

Branding applies a range of human values to a firm, product range and even a person, aiming to help the product stand out from the noise and clutter of the market place, assist people in the decision-making process and find what they are looking for. When a robust branding strategy is implemented successfully, the relationship between an organisation and consumers of its products or services is mutually satisfying and rewarding. 

Short Sharp & Shiny have strong branding experience with retail and professional services, businesses, government-funded major programs, not-for-profits, associations and charities, individuals, professionals, local government organisations, business and industry groups.

Our job is to help our clients read the current branding climate, and to reach and remain connected with consumers who share similar values and ideals. Throughout their lives, consumers will express themselves through many purchasing decisions. We work with clients to differentiate their brand value from others offering similar products and services, making them more competitive in the market place.

We help to achieve branding consistency and integrity, making sure branding claims are true and reflected consistently throughout the whole organisation. We help with messaging, policy, procedure and culture. We work to ensure that brands are unique, powerful and easily identified.

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