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Integrated Marketing & Communications

Rowe Partners Accountants

Short Sharp & Shiny is contracted by Rowe Partnersn Accountants to develop and deliver a marketing and communications strategy that is aligned with business strategy.


We love working with Rowe Partners. We work closely with the firm's partners and business management team to provide all of their marketing and communications requirements. We provide a flexible, high-quality service of strategic marketing and communications advice and support service to all five Rowe Partners offices. 


Short Sharp & Shiny provide advice and support on branding, human resources and recruitment, product development, customer relationship management, and customer service. We manage and monitor Rowe Partners' social media pages daily, crafting original social media content, monitoring industry trends and news, and actively sourcing content that is relevant to Rowe Partners' clientele.


Short Sharp & Shiny develop and deliver targeted marketing and advertising campaigns. We also produce a range of top quality marketing collateral including brochures, promotional items, stationery, flyers and banners. We produce digital content, write scripts for radio, wordsmith copy for print and digital advertising, research and write content for printed fact sheets, newsletters and blogs. We also manage the firm's relationships with external contractors such as graphic designers, printers, photographers and media agencies. We understand the Rowe Partners' brand and help to ensure it is applied consistently and with integrity across the business and out in the community.


Rowe Partners have many valuable relationships and promote a culture of excellence and continuous improvement. Short Sharp & Shiny support this culture by acting as an ongoing resource and providing both advice and coaching to staff at all levels within all areas of the business. We advocate in the firm's best interest at all times and help to manage relationships with important third party industry partners to deliver strategic outcomes.


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South Australian
River Murray Sustainability Program(SARMS)

A South Australian Department of Primary Industries and Regions project to develop and deliver the marketing and communications strategy for stage one – implementation of the $265 million SARMS program. SARMS is a Commonwealth funded program to deliver valuable water savings required under the Murray-Darling Basin Plan through the funding of on-farm irrigation efficiency and industry improvement projects.


Deliverables of this role included development of program website, development of written and digital content, development of key messages, media management, marketing, communications and stakeholder engagement plans, development of communications and participant databases, printed collateral, development of unique brand for program, program launch events, some 8 full colour program publications, 12 industry information sessions through the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin, a series of program fact sheets, video production, contractor management, management of government approvals processes, functions and event management, liaison with State and Commonwealth agencies on marketing, communications and branding matters, working with Departmental senior executives to deliver program priorities, audience and stakeholder segmentation.


Short Sharp and Shiny have solid credentials in the development and delivery of high profile marketing and communications projects for Government programs of any size and complexity. We have strong capability in community engagement, regional development, industry development and working with indigenous communities. 


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New Horizons Soils Program

A South Australian Department of Primary Industries and Regions project to develop and deliver the marketing and communications strategy for this $40 million statewide soil modification program and the development of key communication tools.


Deliverables included development of marketing and communications plan, program information and facts sheets, key messages and speaking notes, grower field days and on-farm trial events, Ministerial program launch event, production of YouTube video production, web content, script writing, media coaching, script writing and interviews, branding and printed marketing collateral, management of creative services, media management, stakeholder liaison.


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