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Digital & Creative

We do some awesome digital and creative work we are very proud of. Most of our clients are convinced they’re not creative and often that’s why they engage an agency. They're scientists, accountants, lawyers, farmers, retailers or government and non-government employees. They’re great at what they do and would prefer to leave the creative stuff to someone else. But sometimes they think that engaging an agency means they don’t need to be part of the creative process ... but we know that's not quite true.


The most important part of the creative process is our interaction with our clients. The best work is done when a client can clearly communicate what they see as their business or marketing dilemma and their end point or goal. At Short Sharp & Shiny, we spend a lot of time working with clients to define what success looks like to them, and how to express their story. Our job is to help our clients tell their own story.


Once we’re clear on a client's needs, the right side of our brains light up like a Christmas tree and we fire on all cylinders, working madly to break down the marketing dilemma and run it through our internal problem-solving machines. Throughout this process, we regularly check in with our clients at critical decision points throughout every project, making sure we stay on the same page. 



Design & Print Services

Short Sharp & Shiny chooses not to have in-house graphic design capability for one simple reason - there are so many amazing graphic designers out there and most of the great ones prefer to freelance. Because we want to work with the best and choose the creative talent most suited to each project brief and budget, we've established work relationships with a range of spectacular designers around the country.


We work this way with printers, too. Every job is different. Some printers do amazing work with digital, others do fabulous work with offset printing or large format printing. Some are better value for money than others, some are just around the corner and offer fast turnaround if a project requires it. We know what our clients need, and we find the right provider for each and every job.

Commercial Photography

They say a picture tells a thousand words. Images are so powerful in communication. After all, even writers aim to create images through their words. The more human senses a campaign works with, the more successful it will be. Beautiful and clever imagery are key to a marketing and communication campaign.


The most successful print campaigns use a 'hero shot', with carefully crafted text to invoke an emotional connection with the product or service offered. At Short Sharp & Shiny, we’re pretty keen for our clients to allocate sufficient project funds to source some great images.


We provide a good-quality but limited in-house photography service for when budgets are super tight. But since quality is still important no matter what the budget, we can access a number of stock photo libraries. For more complex messages, storytelling projects requiring a great hero shot or images that convey precise messaging, we work with some fantastic freelance commercial photographers around Australia.

Corporate video

Did you know that video now accounts for the majority of consumer internet activity? It continues to grow in demand because of its’ ability to cut through the content clutter and reach audiences. It’s incredibly powerful and highly accessible at home or on the go. More and more people are using mobile devices for entertainment and for finding out information. It speaks of quality and helps position a business or individual as an authority in a marketing space.


We love video! And it’s more affordable than you might think. We produce great video products for use on websites, on blog pages and social media platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, or even for presentations at conferences and invitational private screenings.


Short Sharp & Shiny have project managed some great quality video projects. We have experienced in-house consultants trained in scriptwriting, video and film-making. When we need to deliver something with even more stunning quality and pizazz, we reach out to our network of highly talented videographers.



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Websites & Social media

A professional image is important no matter what the industry. A dynamic and responsive website, fully optimised for mobile and tablet with a content management system was once reserved for organisations with big budgets.


Today it’s possible to get great features built into websites often for less than the cost of top end laptop. Some businesses are even opting not to have websites at all and instead building their online business portals on free social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram or through online stores in e-commerce market places. Bottom line is that the organisation must connect with their audiences where their audiences hang out. If they spend time on Facebook, then we talk to them there.


Short Sharp & Shiny helps clients to determine what are the best channels for their brand. We work in a creative partnership with our clients to develop powerful and engaging content and visually enticing design, resulting in a functional and user-friendly site that packs a punch.


An incredibly important consideration when building websites is paying proper attention to SEO, Landing Pages, Google AdWords and Analytics. This is a specialist technical field and we know quite a lot about it, but we don’t pretend to be the experts.


We have partnered with an expert Australian web design firm for our web build projects. Short Sharp & Shiny work with our clients to scope web projects, develop awesome keyword-driven content and manage the build with our web partner to ensure our clients achieve solid search engine results and a modern, innovative website.



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