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marketing & strategy

Market research, analysis, segmentation and strategy is everything! When it’s done properly, and the right level of planning and investment is made, amazing things happen. 


The success of virtually every product developed and consumed by a human being – tickets to a music festival, a block of chocolate, a mobile phone app, professional services like banking, accounting or law – depends on solid marketing and communication. Its central to the way we live in the modern world and to the optimal functioning of an organisation.


A well-developed strategy based on robust research can mean the difference between success and failure in any marketing and communications project. Short Sharp & Shiny offer a range of research methods, analytical tools and processes that are applied depending on each client’s particular circumstances. Ask us about Porter’s 5 Forces, PESTLE, SWOT and MOST. There are oodles of tools, but these are particularly helpful in most circumstances. If a Short Sharp & Shiny client needs something more, we’ll advise and help them access what they need.

Market Research

We can generally find the answers to our clients’ questions by using inexpensive and relatively informal research tools such as LIME survey and Survey Monkey, conducting focus groups, interviewing staff, using IBIS world reports for reviewing historical data, obtaining industry benchmarks and conducting a thorough process of consumer behaviour and market segmentation analysis. Other agencies will charge considerably more than us for the same or lesser quality information. The difference is that we always have our eye on delivering the best value for our clients.


Strategy is the key is to ensuring a successful marketing and communications program. Unclear ideas about what success looks like or taking a scattergun approach undermines the effectiveness of any organisational activity, including marketing and communications. It also leads to poor allocation of resources and less bang for the marketing buck. We work with clients to help them see the big picture and develop a strategy underpinned by research and with the capacity to deliver on clearly defined goals.


At Short Sharp & Shiny we work with clients to formulate a research-based marketing strategy and then apply our extensive expert knowledge of the marketing mix to tailor a plan that will achieve results. We have a number of tools in our kit to clearly define problems and create pathways to success.

Consumer Research & Audience Segmentation

We’re great at market segmentation. We help clients to form a deeper understanding of their customers – what they want and need, their values and priorities, their expectations, and, most importantly, how best to communicate and engage with them.


We're also experts at communication channel selection. We'll develop a thorough and comprehensive understanding of audiences, who they are, how, when and where they like to receive information and what sort of messages resonates with them. Our work here results in lower costs and more effective and targeted delivery.