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Our Style

We’re a little unorthodox. We really get a kick out of what we do and we have lots of fun, but we’re not really into fluff. We take our work seriously and we are deadline driven, so we need to work to a process. We know our craft and we pride ourselves on giving outstanding customer service. We’re straight shooters, we’re honest and above board.

Our approach ensures that our clients clearly understand what we do and what they’re getting for their investment. We deliver great results, on time and at the right price. We like to be on exactly the same page as our client. When working with a new client or even on a new project with an existing client, we allocate enough time to establish a great working relationship. We are clear right from the start on creative direction and our shared needs and expectations. From here, we develop a clear client brief and then a budget allocation consistent with the requirements of the brief. Finally, we make sure we all agree on processes and turnaround times.

We’re big on planning, deadlines, managing competing priorities and budgets. We’re not too keen on urgent ‘last minute’ jobs. We can deliver because we work fast, but we know that good, clear thinking project management gets the best outcomes. Therefore we recommend to our clients that they think ahead to anticipate needs, allocate one or more 'go to' people within their organisation, and work with a well-developed marketing plan.


If based on any of our project briefing conversations, we’re not comfortable with the requirements of the brief or confident we can deliver a quality outcome, we may choose to respectfully turn the project down.

Cue jumping is sometimes offered for jobs requiring fast turn-around through an urgency fee, but only to valued regular clients. The fee enables us to pull in additional resources if required and manage our important relationships with other clients.