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Digital & Creative

Short Sharp & Shiny prefers to work with organisations that seek a closely aligned, long-term business partnership, but we also offer a flexible solution for organisations with short-term capacity gaps or temporary workload pressures. We form close business partnerships with our clients to provide sustainable, successful integrated marketing and communications solutions that deliver strategic outcomes. We do a lot more than create funky business cards and branded squishy balls.

Short, Sharp & Shiny offer an extensive range of marketing, communications and business management consulting services. We love all aspects of marketing and communications, but we’re very conscious of not wasting our clients' time or money. Our work is fun but we don’t play around. Our aim is to ensure that whatever we do is closely aligned with clients' objectives and will produce the right results within budget. We also focus on doing it right the first time - and this isn’t always cheap. It sometimes means a greater investment of time and money early on to develop a deeper understanding of a client’s business, its culture, its value proposition, and to clearly define the market. We can then create a marketing plan that excites and inspires our client, then everything else tends to fall into place.

It’s our business to know what our clients' need to help drive improvement in their businesses. Whatever our clients' require, Short Sharp & Shiny will either deliver ourselves or provide project management services to manage other expert contractors to make it all happen.

We’re a creative and innovative bunch, but our work is based on solid foundations of good marketing principles. Once upon a time marketing and communications were often treated very separately from each other, but we know from experience that this can result in a very disjointed, siloed organisational structure with business units working often at cross purposes.

Our refreshing and integrated approach to marketing and communications considers ALL aspects of a client's business. We know that the best marketing plan in the world will fail if it does not support core business activity. As part of our commitment to proper implementation, we consult closely with our clients to identify and overcome any success-limiting factors.