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Short Sharp & Shiny is the result of a career metamorphosis for Ali Atkinson, who launched the business in 2016. To her own delightful surprise, it dawned on her that she is actually very good at what she does and she is really a 'free range chicken' rather than a 'battery hen' kind of marketer.
Upon launching the business, Ali discovered she wasn’t alone - it turns out that many seasoned industry professionals prefer to free range. So while Short Sharp & Shiny is owned and managed by Ali, she works with a team of like-minded freelance consultants and creatives to offer a broader range of services and expertise than she alone could provide.
The advantage for clients is that Short Sharp and Shiny is a versatile, adaptable, outsourced marketing and communication resource with the capacity to deliver anything from small, relatively simple, short-term tactical projects right through to highly complex, strategic, longer-term projects to almost any brief and budget.

Ian Atkinson is also a working Director of Short Sharp and Shiny but is less hands on. Ian's expertise is in high demand. He offers exceptional skills and a wealth of industry experience at the executive level. He works full time as CEO of the International River Foundation but plays a critical advisory role in the Short Sharp and Shiny business. He provides support on quality control, writing, editing, strategy, mentoring contracting consultants and will drive the development of Short Sharp and Shiny Business Management Consulting. Naturally, Ian wants to roll his sleeves up when he can so will be available for specific, high level consulting and facilitation projects.